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The best gift ,I've offered to myself last year 2015 in relation to my new chosen avocation as an independent social media blogger is to finish reading the book about the life of  Diana Vreeland ,known to be the World Goddess of Fine Arts , Culture, Fashion, Design, Literature  and lifestyles of the contemporary Americans in 21st Century .

The voluminous coffee table book is a personal tribute to the prima donna , icon of social gathering written by her own daughter in law. Mrs. Diana known for eccentricity who always made a statement , shakes and move the fashion industry catching awed by the photographers , media, press during her own era. 

She out live when Pax Americana is coming on its own , defining its place in the world dominion in the world economy ,socio and political hegemony. She's bridge out Pax Europa's excess and its alter ego  role in the world as world super power . In essence her life in transgression ,in the breakthrough of two worlds best civilization . Her life in " transit", between two worlds and the manner she balances both is her expertise showing it , the way she handle arts and culture . 

She does so, because the only things the best that she knows is Arts and Culture.The formidable industry that mirror and showcase the true spirit of the nation. 

She lives in America during its rah rah boom generation.When every one has its own full energy sizing each  moment for American dream. The new Pax Empire of America is a collective dreams of Americans that come into reality. 

On the challenge of keeping traditions and embracing contemporary lifestyles became  a sole responsibility , un impose but obligatory to the woman who her self consciously aware , the necessity of ceremonial traditions to a functional systems for a nation be decently govern with acute uprightness, a touch of elegance ,stiffness ,stand out from among the common. 

Why should be her, it is because among the very few selected guest that she was one among who were  able to be invited in a coronation of one of the world functional monarchy of the Great Britain Queen , the Queen Elizabeth. 

Her travelling all over Europe, perhaps in the best resorts , destinations where world famous people travails, her fascination to life itself , good enough for her to distinguished what is the truest , best and the beautiful. Her Parisian sojourn made her new Pax Americana , the new Paris , the world capital of  Fashion and design.

This experiences is being transmitted by Diana Vreeland to the world being a formidable arts consultant/editor of the world famous lifestyles magazines Vogue. 

Good enough for " Diana Vreeland ", to be immortalized in the coffee table book, a testament on her Earthly journey , and the book is fittingly be entitled  " The Eyes has to travel".

For every one to make feast with their eyes in celebral work of arts , paintings, sculptor, furnitures, books, video, made from the different materials such as papers, textiles, leathers, wood, stones, ceramics, glass, steel,  is now on displayed at Arts Fair Contemporary , The Link  , Ayala Malls, Makati City, Philippines  happening from  Feb. 18-21, 2016.

Last year , the Megamall Fashion hall, hosted a lifestyles talk which was top billed by Ms. Cherry Gil as the guest speaker , mimicking the character of Diana Vreeland . Ms. Cherry Gil, portrait the role in a special theatrical play made after the life of the world famous icon of beauty , fashion and design Ms. Diana Vreeland. 

SM Group of Companies indeed, a supporter of the Filipino arts and culture.


Pls. note: 

February 23-28,2016-  The Great British Festival - Shakespeare at Bonifacio Global City,Philippines

February 23, 2016- British School Manila Annual International Nighr

The  Adrian E. Cristobal lectures ( six series) have been brought to us "umpil" , unyon ng manunulat sa Pilipinas and " SPIT". The research paper presentation by Marites E. Cristobal Vitug, , an editor at large of , in the most relevant topic for today "  DEMOCRACY beyond elctions; Overcoming impotence. 

The Forum  Questions and Comments:


 ( A).How are you going to operationalize in equities ? It is by wealth or  individual capacity (self empowerment) ?

"I've learned thorough face book, the new form of media today, like the ' www.", that even Ma.  Rizza, the ceo of the said news portal is trying to avoid the question of who owns the sixty percent of the said online news portal ?"

   (B). 1986 Constitutional as amended with proper representation , with probation from 
 the Nationalist camp and the oppressed sector  and why is such that the former being represented themselves before are now the tyrant? Is it Lateral oppression? 

  (C). What is your idea of liberation? 

II. (A). Comments , what happening  today is "Horrendous".

III.  Comments/ Suggestion:

     ( A) Legislative Reforms
        1. Women's Vote- 
         2. People Initiative-
         3. Validate voters- 
      (B). Electronic Election reforms
         1. single ballot ( plurality)
         2. two majority system

      (C). proportional representation
          1. sequencing system
          2. open partly list
      (D). Close partly list system

IV. What is the impact of surveys in the electoral processes, and how the  media and voting population interpret it?

V. Do you consider another  revolution as way to get the effect of change that we are aiming for?

VI. Have you consider each Economic Policies /flat form of each Presidential candidate?

VII. Is Top-Bottom approach the best way for us to have a full representational change from National to LGU, with a participation with civil society , sectoral entity and ngo?

VIII. Do Catholic block voters /voting still capable to hedge a voice ?
        Whom the youth for today is representing , in terms of president to vote for?


The Last Words:  Secretary  Adrian S. Cristobal  Jr., Department of Trade and Industry 
" that the Human Being are inherently political animal in nature".

Henry Estipona
King Financial

Sabado, Enero 23, 2016


One good thing being born and brought up in the provincal setting where the mood of transportation is a second option if not unnecessary at all. In the early days of the 80's ,the transport system in my hometown is the " Jeep". Infact the intervals of the routing Jeep with in the inner sanctum of the second district of Sorsogon, from Gubat to Barcelona would entails an hour of waiting. 

The black asphalt road that travails the whole archepalagic of the Philippines from the northermost Apari to sourthernmost part of Jolo ,known as " Maharlika " road , passes infront of our own very front lawn in Barangay  Tagdon . Its known as the "national highway".

The coastal town and its neigboring barangays of the Municipality of Barcelona ,like the Barangay Tagdon ,which is connected  to  these long and winding  national road offers the scenic full view of the Pacific Oceans from the east where the sun of the oriental shine. 

When the road is empty and no locomative passes like Jeep, the ethereal feeling of static could be feel not from the distance but from the road itself. The passing moments of hours , minutes , days makes the whole day so long to wait till the sun sets came in. The monotonous , bubulic provincal lives defines by the statusquo of time. Tranquil , peaceful and free from the hush and rush thing. 

The Jeep always break these monotony. Its the King of the Road. The road which ocassionally occupied by the frequent passersby on both sidewalks by people who are going to their primary source of occupation . Farmers, fruits ,vegetables , fish peddlers , professional teachers , religious ,the  both byways ( sideways of the black asphalt road ) its their  major through fares .

Often times the road is clear of obstruction nor passersby either by Jeep or people , so that the raod itself is our play ground especially during the full moon light night. 

Its from the road itself , that I was able to observe the magnificent transition of times and modernity in relevance to mode of transport system. From photographic provincal tableau of beautiful carabao , hauling its bamboo raft is akin to the raindeer with is sled from the snowy region of Alaska ( every Filipino re imagining during winter season of snowless Philippines Yuletide season). Then after few years  evolve with a carabao  hauling a bamboo made raft , with the aide of the rooling tires ( recyled from the old jeep ). 

Then moving forward with the coming years , that the manual bicycle introduced in the market. My father bought this manual bicycle a look which look  like of today's mountain byke . He bought one for the personal mode of transportation of my eldest brother Felix Estipona , being the first among the few in the barangays who opted to take up high school . High Schoold then requires a rigorous entrance exams with an tuition fee to be paid annually , bi annual  or it depends on the structural payments upon agreements by the state school administrator. My brother went to Barcelona National High School. All of my siblings from Hilda, Felix, Nena, Mila , Ronnie and Jose went to Barcelona National High School with a matriculation fee. Except both the youngest of us , Ginalyn and yours truly due to the post EDSA constitutions , allowing high school ( DEP ED higher education ) be exempted from the matriculation fee. 

The manual bicycle which my elder brother uses , become an antique of " hand me down" object. From the eldest Felix to Jose , until to Jonel ( the youngest son of the Jose ) on his childhood days, the bicycle re assembled . 

From the manual bycle , to single motorized bycle became a regular passers of the national road. 
Except for the long ten hauler truck , and mini van that from to time envade the curiousity of the youngters , the vehicles passes for their logistics and delivery of the major economics goods . Cigarettes and groceries items for each sari sari stores located along the long intervals of the national road . 

Still up to this time , the communal mode of transportation in the provincal town of Barcelona people is the Jeep. Its enduring legacy since its evolution , transformation from the United State of Americans soldiers ( GI-Joe) junks . Reformated, design by the Filipino artisans, machinest , "suldadero", from the local 'vulcanizing workshop", until " Sarao" brand famous for its " caviteno', fiesta made colors , the Jeep stood up as truly Filipino icon. The UNESCO is comtemplating of putting the Jeep in the radar of the cultural indigenous heritage . 

 The colorful culture of Jeep as a heritage , the most moveable featured that uses the main artery of road in the Philippines ,created a leverage of cultures which is  intangibles yet intrinsic and embedded in the human sensibilities today. The " pake -abot " systems , the processes of the relying the passengers money fare , and so with the drivers way of giving its loose coins change to the passengers. 

Before  the awareness of having a private mode of transporation , the Filipino is accustomed to the communal mode of transportation ,perhaps being belong to a certain " balangay" then . The ship  , " balangay", is the basic habituation , mode of transportation in the  Archipelagic islands of the Philippines. 

The Philippine means of transportation since time immemorial , mapping it out from the " balangay', "kalesa" to which is now the " Jeep" , as the official King of Road, to private branded cars , THE MITSUBISHI FAMILY DAY " EXHIBITIONS and RIDE TEST in the Philippine , MANILA WORLD TRADE CENTER is worthy of a short time visit.

And if driving is a highly paid job for today, I would like to gave thanks for the following personalities who offers their own driving and wheels for me to take home in one of my city escapades. 

MR. JOHN ( the contractor)
JUVENAL SANSO ( world multi awarded  painter artist)
RAMON DIAZ ( diplomate sculptor -painter artist ) 
DR. GENIEVIVE HUANG ( presidential awardee- author of the TAO of Beauty book)
JOSE ENGLIS ( son of a diplomate to New York )
LOURDES DY -DAPARAS ( wife of diplomate to Seattle Australia and Malaysia) 

king financial

Lunes, Disyembre 21, 2015

Amphitheater of Ateneo Professional School , Rockwell Campus recently sponsored the " Women Tech , Tech Women " forum ,organized by the Philippine Daily Inquirer , Inquirer Live ( Digital Flatform),  Globe, Dunkin Donuts. 

The said initiative is part of the ongoing APEC , Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation( November 18-20,2015); promulgating the top five women priorities agenda such , women access to capital, women access to business markets, women engagement in the capacity building, women participation in the creative process of innovation and technology.  

Philippine Daily Inquirer being managed by women is the perfect example to carry out the APEC women agenda , thus the very Matriarch Mrs. Prieto personally open the forum and give her personal congratulatory message for the forum audience for their valuable attendance . 

" The Inquirer Group of Companies", transcends to all multi media flat form to enrich our valuable customers with information relevant to their lifestyles " , said Javier Vicente D.  Rufino , Director for Mobile , Books .

1. Do the Kickstarts invest for start ups, with successful , viable economic value , proving its worth to be for  the advancement of women rights?

 Minette Natividad: 
Kickstarts have been promoting gender neutral landscape of business. We venture to a company which developed credible programs that have been on functional track at least ten years already. We also acquire (100 percent merging) company's that is in consonant with the Globe standards with potentials to leverage and deliver positive results to our company. 

2. How do the PolyMatrix consolidates its analytic data with its attribution to corresponding  congress /representatives  authorship ,principals co sponsors of bills ? Is it by research?

Gang Baduy: 
Yes partly by research, how ever  our apps is to give them tools to be filled up with information regarding congressmen achievements on their public discourse. But some of the information that we have received , are from private persons  which we digest , examined the authenticity of the data.

3. Today's businesses main activities is through capital intensive  and yet profitable ventures like real estate , infrastructures , minerals extractions, renewable energy. Could the Kickstarts would be willing to venture in starts ups , though have not given tract records of historical performance , profitabilities yet bearing a scalable model of profitable potentials , just for the sake of inclusive shared of economy ,to give chance with the grass roots to move the ladder of success, like our farmers, agriculturist, social entrep?

Minette Natividad: 
The Kickstarts is managing 55 million funds intended for the creative innovation to promote the digital economy. Our strategy is to buy equity shares (as ventures capitalist), merger, acquisition to those who where able to pitch in their apps credible enough to match our own standards. Based on our experience ,in the starts ups community is , some are terrific pitcher whilst the apps is not materially approving, whilst some have a menace of articulating their ideas, yet their coding have a tremendous potentials and neatly done. With these experiences we are keen in balancing , disposing our resources for the betterment of both camps.

Wrap UP Questions:

Do the tech industry would really finds its self worth enough for the women to realized their role for the advancement  of society, their role in shaping the femininity agenda?

Gang Baduy: 
Yes , the Women in tech evolves the way my company evolves from its "rocks era", to today's  " polymatrix". In the very onset of the tech evolution in the Philippines , we have been pioneering of promoting UN  ( MDG's) goals by organizing rock concerts , whilst today's  " polymax", is intended with the same audience who are fully grown up , enough to understands ( leveled up), with regards with her own choices . The way he/she  select candidates to vote. So the " Poly Maxtrix", is just a tool for them to measure the performance of these political personalities. Gone are the day's that Filipino just cast their vote ballot based on the perception of their candidates, as reflected by the promotional campaign, or just by basing with their famous surnames, schools that  the candidates have attended.

Minette Natividad:
 Being a mother , and having a son that gives me feeling of neutrality which requires by the job to be gender sensitive. Its my instinct being a mother , a nurturing mother that sustain  my jobs to carry the mandates of the company accordingly. I am believe in the opportunities, the very usage of the today's technology . It give us tools to keep in touch, the way it give us a constant communication with my very own son. So for me technology is gift to human kind, regardless of the gender . However its would be best tools for the women , given with their nurturing tendencies. " to cite example , their start ups pitcher who cries for the need to have capital ", this kind of scenarios would really bring out the women , and be able to redefine herself and her role in the tech industry.

How far can the modern career woman can fulfill, satisfy successfully in balancing her corporate engagement and her innate role as homemaker?

Gang Baduy:
I've done coding the apps for " Poly Matrix", is different places of work where the demands told me so.. " I've done it some in trains, whilst on business tour in Europe, for the sponsored innovations engagement with the " European Commission". It could be happened for me even to work under the lap of my husband if its necessary for me to do it . ( laugh).

I've raised with elder brothers , and being the youngest among them prepared me to be not so specials . I consider the company of men as co equals, but nothing so specials . In technology which is gender blind , and the fonts that commands to execute programs does not prejudized. Its the response of the audience that is more demanding , challenging and prejudicial . 

Minette Natividad: 
The Beauty of making things to happen by shared responsibilities of both men/women, is good enough to cheerished, rather than attributing the success to a specific gender. 

POLYMATRIX, is one way to know the tract records and be able to fully know our politicians that deserves to be voted, can this program (apps) can be able to trickle down to lower position like councilor?

Gang Baduy:
Definitely yes. Its the demand to fully extract the big data that is now available in the e - governance data. The websites of the congress is terrific to code , re arrange , analyst given with its uniformity and functionality, compares with the senate websites. With regards with the locals chieftain like councilors, even barangay tanods it very viable. However we need man power and resources ( man power, capitals ) to do it for our polymax to function that is  originally design as it is to be.

My milestones ,and the beauty of the " poly max", is it can be expanded even to the time of the " Tejeros convention".


Atty.Lorna Kapunan
Advocate: " Fight for your right", " Laban sa Karapatan"

Atty. Miguel FF. Oraa
Assistant Administrator
Department of Transportation and Communication
Office for Transportation Security

Honorable Sandra Cam
( Masbate - Bicol Region)
Senator Candidate 2015

Topic: " Tanim Bala"
The group unbinding said, that there must be a need for a comprehensive way of amending the current law , and calls all  law makers to arrive for the same cause. The fore going incidence directly targeted the racial profiling , especially the Overseas Foreign Workers which accounted to about 2.3 million , and bringing in US Dollar 28 Billion in the Philippines. 

There is a new civil aviation security program plan , that is being laid out,that is now being on reviewed at the Airport security committee. However modern gadgets like " X-ray" ,which has default mechanism in detecting certain organic/ non organic ,gave ample doubts in the consistency of the security measures in the airport. New modern machine is important in combating Terrorism , Narcotics is a must in the efficient delivery of services , reducing risk on the part of the national security.

The Philippines is said to adopt the Chicago Convention for Airport safety and security standards.

The current incidence of the " Tanim Bala", accounted more or less 1,500 cases, of which 1,450 cases have been resolve with a para legal ( negotiation) , arrangement . From which 50 more or less have arrived into settlement and dispute resolution with due processes , some have pending cases to be heard .The incidences is not new for the 2015  which accounted a total of 1,394 cases, compares to 2014 which accounted cases of 1,813 , moreover in 2013 "tanim bala" cases account to 1,284,which has a historical roots from 2012 which accounted case of more or less 1,214.

The incidence which could spiral -effect in the " Command Responsibility", from airport management , security transport officials , up to the President of the Republic, that if not given ample solutions that leads to over haul rehabilitation, reformation would add the to over all grimace image of the airport . Hence a bad window image in the drive for the Philippines to come up with 10 million foreign tourist. 

Miss Sandra Cam, now a senatorial candidate said " that even in the bureau of corrections ,there  a rampant high powered ammunition presence" , for these she strongly advocates for the empowerment of the " whistle blower " laws, its mechanism, implementation and incentives for the brave- heroic one to come out and help out the mainstream government. 

These all things have been in the knowledge of the " Office of the Presidential Security " group.

Today, December 11, 2015 I hurried to be in attendance of the rare artist talk of Michael Lin at Toby;s Estate Coffee shop  at Whitespace Gallery , located at Pasong Tamo Extension , adjacent to the Manila Hope Christian School of Mr. Luke Roxas. However i felt discomfortable upon reading the articles in Rogue Magazines, which has the cover of Miss Isabel Diaz Daza. Because of my over all conclusion of one of the article written in the said magazine. That  all Filipino today's are nothing but all social climber. Because we have nothing to follows as to elite or Royalty upbringing. That is the mean reason that we love the Miss Universe , Miss International, Miss World, or anything that is Miss Beautiful Pageantry contest. I beg to dis agree with the said articles. If only the magazine new editor consulted the former editor of the magazine Mr. Miguel Ugarte, they could  even have a new perspective with regards with the Filipino royal lineage. Its totally diverse , frank and 360 degree in congruence to the Michael Cancico , theme of the " Ako'y Filipino", that was interpreted by Philippine foremost Diva singer Miss Kuh Ledesma. To borrow the lines from the same song  " ako ay Filipino, may dugong maharlika". 

Allow me to elucidate  with the theme of the current articles in Ruque Magazines. In my opinion, the Americans, for their felt sorriness with  the Filipino in waging war that brought to the total annihilation of the Manila, and brought the Manila coffers ( treasury) into almost bankrupt , they are staging an annual beauty pageant to commemorate the lost latin kingdom , that is equivalent to the common wealth domain. So in "consuelo de bobo", for the latin kingdom including the Philippines , the American could make amends with their realisation of the wrong doings. 

If ever there was Nationalisation in the era, of the Philippines that lead to revolt headed by the Rizalian, its the Spanish Idea of the Nationalisation  on their bid to micro manage the colony. Because of their strategy , being the fading world power due to tilting of the diaspora of wealth, even political hegemony, and the losing value of silver and gold at the time due to massive piracy. The galleon and the naval supremacy of the Royalty of Spain absolutely incapable of tending the world colonies. So they introduce the new way of managing each colony through the introduction  of newly republic with a constitution. But in many ways, there was attempt for the Philippines with the full blessings of the Spanish Royalty to have extension of the Spanish Royalties by awarding nobility in the selected few rich Filipino families.

However with due circumstances, the attempted experimentation halted in the haste of th Filipino to have a self ruled kingdom , using the new breath of democracy. 

Way back to the Magazine Rogue , articles I hope Mr. Philippe De Leon would be able to read the articles by himself for him to have his opinion.

henry estipona
scholar of consortium for latin american studies
The Shang , Mall , newly renovated EAST WING, staged the luxury global brands last hurry for the year 2015. It is by holding an stylish fashion show ,inspired by a jet setter , modern nomadic  "stylist" for todays' generation. 

Addictive with extra mileage  for the flight points for giving in to extra miles of travels , jet setter in today's ano-domini year of the Lord , are keen not just of styles but of origin of their clothes , starting with the raw materials of textiles ,how it is bleached ,dyed and coloured. Wither the textiles are from the wild silk worm or from the cultured silk worm farms . Much more so, if the maple tree is grown organically  by a responsible sustainable farming from the Myanmar or China , the main source of the silk worm that wave the organic silk , necessary to create a silk textiles. 

Hence,today's fashionista  are all aware the importance of the climatic change and its imposition to the global agenda of depleting the ozone layer. For which the main reason of staging the  "COP21", to be held this coming November 30 to December 3, 2015 in Paris. The very capital of the Fashion since time immemorial.

In the Philippines , the Barong and Baro't Saya,( not the corrupted  "Terno")  known to be the Philippine National Custom. An integral part for today's  global gathering of  leaders for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Discussing under the consign theme " Inclusive Economic Growth". The APEC is designed for each countries to have a benchmark of FTA ( Foreign Trade Agreement), for each nation to behave ethically in doing business. 

Barong the long sleeve shirt made for the Filipino altruistic ego is made from the corrugated leaves of the Philippines world known "pine apple". Its silhouette  ,fresh , gentle and virginal coloured makes it fitting for the tropical climate that the Philippines is experiencing. Even on the humid summery season or in temperate Christmas climate like today the Barong is good enough to wear.

Hence, Baro't Saya  which in the manner of constant evolution, accordingly with nation historical narrative, grown up to be  called  now the " TERNO".

 Essentially the terms it self Baro means the upper clothe to be worn by woman, and the "saya", means the skirts , the lower tapestry that is to be worn with dignity accorded to the ideal Filipina, that is " Mayumi , Marilag and , Kaiga -igaya".

In today's context , in name calling " TERNO", which the recent  coffee table endorses to be the modern encyclopaedia of the " The Filipino Fashionable Wear", as collaborated with the Fashion Icon in the Philippines such as Ben Chan, Mr. Slims, and Mr. Gonzalez, to alternate , exchange or even over shadowed " Baro't Saya into Terno" is an epic historical malversation.

Bringing back with the Shang Mall, Wanderlust Glam, fashion show. The actual staging of any  fashion show for me is an ethereal celebration of sight, feeling, sounds even perception of smelling. No matter how extravagant the show if all these elements are not given extensive details of re assembling , for each elements to align, compliment each other , the fashion show will not be  as sensible as it will be. 

Like engrossing to profound reading of the novels, or watching an epic theatrical musicality or movie Fashion Show , deeply examining an arts works , fashion show is a showmanship of culture and artistry.

Fashion collections is a canvass of coloured ,visually stitch ( re arranged ) and wear either in monotone or layering . Together with the models who provide the feeling , and emotions to the collection , the fashion breath its own life with the help of the abled MODELS.

In conclusion , the Shang Mall recent  , " wanderlust glam", for me shows an epic of extra vacant dis proportion when the sounds , perhaps technical crew provided the finally show of the Mark and Spencer with a back ground music of " MACARONI".

In my own opinion the British brand like Mark and Spencer , given with its Britishness of origin ,could be perfectly executed with a pure British sound ( Music) ,like example with the musicality of Sam Smith ( the modern background of Spectre) , or perhaps the Adele own version of the hybrid pop-operatic style of delivering  aria.

Henry Estipona
King Financial